I was around 12 when we got cable TV. Cable was THE awesome-est thing in the world. I was introduced to the Cartoon Network, Food Network, and Z Music Television. Z Music Television played music videos from Christian artists, and I was in heaven. All my life I had grown up listening to Christian music. Sandi Patty, Twila Paris, Steve Green, Michael Card, and Glad were all I knew. Along came Z and my little Christian music bubble suddenly burst. There was this young guy with floppy hair singing about life being a great adventure (Steven Curtis Chapman); a group of four guys singing about getting back to the basics of life (4HIM); these four gorgeous girls singing about a cross to bridge the great divide (Point of Grace). But then there were these three guys. They looked young, hip, and cool. I didn't think I liked them at first. They seemed a bit..."worldly" if you will. They were rapping, doing hip-hop...it just wasn't for me. Then, one day, it clicked. They were singing about Jesus, they loved God, and they were having fun. I became a lifelong dcTalk fan. I had to battle with my dad over them. He couldn't understand the lyrics, but I could. I learned from dcTalk that "L-O-V-E ain't all that junk that you see on TV". Toby, Michael, and Kevin taught me that "love is a verb". Almost 20 years has passed and while dcTalk disbanded years ago, the guys are still making music individually. Kevin is on his own, Michael is now fronting the Newsboys, and Toby is still doing his thang. Toby has always been one of the most creative, diverse, and talented artists.

On Friday night we brought the Awake Tonight Tour to 1st Mariner Arena (in Baltimore). If the tour is stopping in your neck of the woods - run, don't walk, to the box office and buy tickets. It is hands down one of the coolest rock shows you will EVER see. Skillet was absolutely incredible. Toby brought the funk. This show will rate as one of the best shows I've ever seen. I asked my friend Joe to take photos for the station for me so I could watch the concert (check out his set here)...but you know I had to take a few for myself to remember the night.

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