Make It Matter Tour
Natalie Grant, Chris Sligh, and Meredith Andrews
Saturday, April 25th, 2009
Bridgeway Community Church
Columbia, Maryland

As I mentioned the other night, the Make It Matter Tour with Natalie Grant and guests Chris Sligh and Meredith Andrews was uh.may.zing. Each artist has a very distinct style and message in their music. Natalie is a combination of life stories and worship. Chris is deep and you can hear his ponderings in his lyrics. Meredith has a genuine heart for worship. Their personalities and styles combined created a terrific show.

Photography notes: the lighting was as great as could be for a church show. The back of the stage alternated in magenta, purple, green, and blue washes of color. A white spotlight lit the artist but the light wasn't as harsh it usually is. It was a straight forward, no brainer kind of shoot.

Before the concert, Natalie took time to talk to a group of youth workers and teen girls about a conference she's involved in called The Revolve Tour. Revolve is the "little sister" to the Women of Faith conference. It's thousands of girls, gathered in an arena, hearing messages that encourage them and let them know that they are valued and have worth.

Meredith's husband Jacob used to be Jeremy Camps key board player.

Chris Sligh

Natalie Grant

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Anonymous said... @ March 17, 2010 at 5:02 PM

What great opportunities you have had to photograph those in the public ministry of concert musicians. I love to go to concerts also and have seen many of the artists you have photographed, mostly at the Creation Festival in PA. Believe me, my photos come out nowhere near as good looking as yours. They do remind us of our good times and that is the point. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with me. Blessings, Lezlie

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