An Evening with Mark Schultz
Friday, May 1st, 2009
Mountain Christian Church
Joppa, MD

Genuine, honest, hilarious. He says that he's not the greatest singer or the greatest piano player. He says he's such a bad piano player that he only plays the black keys because there are less of them than the white keys. Mark Shultz's gift is story telling. Each song takes the listener on an emotional journey: a parent whose child is dying of cancer and is begging God to let his son live in his place (He's My Son), an elderly man who promised his wife's father when he was a teenage that he would always walk his wife home including placing her in the arms of Jesus (Walking Her Home), or the personal story of his great-grandmother whose son was lost at war yet she never gave up hope that he was alive (Letters From War). If you have time, grab a box of tissues and watch the music video for Letters From War. Mark was invited to the Pentagon to play it for the officers and since then it has been used in the US Army's Be Safe - Make It Home campaign.

Photographer's notes: like the Natalie Grant show last weekend, this was another straight forward shoot. There were no frills, no lighting displays, and no need really. It was just Mark and the keyboard with the background being washed in blue and occasionally purple.

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