AW Mannequin and the Apology
I'm dipping back into the nostalgia files. Here's a series I did with my little character AW Mannequin... circa July 2007... when I was keeping it real with my Canon Rebel XT and 18-55mm kit lens. I totally was working it!

Disclaimer: Any similarities to my parent's marriage of 30 years is purely coincidental :-D

AW Mannequin and the Apology: Page 1
Here's the photo that started it all.

I'm practicing my portrait skills, so I called Mrs. Mannequin (I still don't know her first name) up to see if she would pose for me. As you can see, she graciously agreed. Well, while we were taking photos, AW started acting up.

Mrs M. told him if he couldn't behave properly, he could leave and go in the house. Well, he settled down for a little bit, but then became rowdy again (I think he was bored). The next thing Mrs. M. and I know, we hear a crash, and I look over to see AW, feet in the air, laying in the shrubbery.

AW Mannequin and the Apology: Page 2
As you can imagine, Mrs. M. was not happy with AW. The two of them sat not looking at each other for awhile.
Can I tell you how awkward that was?

AW Mannequin and the Apology: Page 3
I tried to talk with Mrs. M, but it was to no avail. Mrs. M was quite steamed.

I told AW he should apologize, because he was behaving poorly. So, he glanced over at the missus to see if she was still fuming.

Yup, she's still not happy.

AW Mannequin and the Apology: Page 4
Finally, he gave in.

Scootch, scootch, scootch

"Honey?" said AW, "Will you talk to me?"

AW Mannequin and the Apology: Page 5
"Please?" said AW as he reached over to touch her hand. "I'm really sorry for interrupting your photo session."

"Don't touch me," huffed Mrs. M.

Oy, this was going to take more work than I thought!

AW Mannequin and the Apology: Page 6
AW, being the charmer that he is, reached over and picked up the flower Mrs. M and I had been using as a prop.

"Please forgive me, sweetie," AW said with big puppy dog eyes. "I'm sorry I interrupted your portrait session. I was behaving badly, and I'm sorry. I'll do better, I promise. Here's your flower back. I love you."

I think it was beginning to work because Mrs. M's expression began to soften!

AW Mannequin and the Apology: Page 7
Then Mrs. M half chuckled and half sighed saying, "How can I be angry with you?
I'll forgive you, you crazy thing you. You'll behave?"

"I'll behave."

AW Mannequin and the Apology: Page 8
The End.

Cheeky little fellow, ain't he? :-D

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Too funny!

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