The Mannequins Go To Williamsburg
My parents are Williamsburg officianados.

The parental units should really retire and move there and give tours. They know every single thing there is to know about Williamsburg. As a child, we would take the occasional vacation there. My brothers would whine. I would whine. Kind of. I could be easily bribed with a gingerbread cake and a Kings Arm Tavern root beer. As I got older, I started to recognize the cultural significance and discovered a new appreciation for the town. For my 21st birthday I asked to go to Williamsburg to have dinner at The Trellis (insert harp music here).

The Trellis.


The Trellis is owned by one of my culinary heroes, Marcel Desaulniers - the Guru of Ganache. It's thanks to Marcel and his "Death By Chocolate" show on PBS that I learned how to temper chocolate and make ganache. I have every one of his cookbooks. It was a birthday dream come true.

Anywho, my buddy Jack just made his first trip to Williamsburg, VA. It got me all nostalgic and made me think about this photo story that I did a couple of years ago. The EXIF data says I did it in 2007...so don't hold the corny dialogue or bad photos against me, OK?

Luxury Accomodations
A.W. and the Missus loved their stay at the Williamsburg Lodge. They were in walking distance to the historic streets. Mrs. Mannequin was highly impressed with the bathroom! The extra toilet paper was bound with a red ribbon which was quite an unusual touch. A.W. couldn't have cared less, but as long the missus was happy, so was he!

At the Courthouse
The "Christmas card photo" in front of the courthouse.

The Governor's Palace
Or should this be the "Christmas card photo"?
In front of the Governor's Mansion...

Here Comes The Bride...
The missus made A.W. stop to take a picture of this bride they passed.
As best they could tell, she was on her way to the College of William & Mary to get married.

...All Dressed In White
The Missus: "Awwww, remember our wedding day, AW?"
A.W.: "Yup. Can we get something to eat now?"

The Mannequins still haven't picked out their dinnerware. They can't seem to compromise on a pattern. Frankly, AW doesn't care, but the missus refuses to purchase anything until he is fully on board. What do you think about the informal look?

Tsk, tsk

While the missus was making some final purchases, AW decided to hide in a bucket and surprise Mrs. Mannequin. The surprise was on him - he couldn't get out of the bucket without her help...and she wasn't helping until he apologized. Oops.

The Capitol
AW doing his best Queen Elizabeth impersonation. Helllloooo!

Up The Tree
The loving couple decided to climb a tree so they could get out of the way of a touring school. The children were everywhere! They decided to let them have the right of way, and then continue on their sightseeing adventure.

Mr. & Mrs. AW Mannequin say "see you around!"
They enjoyed their short stay in Williamsburg and can't wait to come back!

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Cara said... @ March 8, 2010 at 5:06 PM

Had to smile! My parents live in Williamsburg in a retirement community and love it. I live an hour away and visit all the time!

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